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July 15 2017

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Sesame Street breakdancers animation cels by Keith Haring, 1987.

July 13 2017

thenks the adventure zone for my life

July 12 2017

the ups guy fuckin tricked me

July 08 2017

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Black block at G20 Hamburg, 07-07-2017

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drew a guy i saw in poland 

July 07 2017

passion pit playing in the bg of g20 protest snaps.. mood

July 06 2017

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July 05 2017

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Syrian artist Wissam Al Jazairy.

July 03 2017

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Tatra Mountains, Poland

Karol Majewski photography: tumblr / flickr

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feel like pure shit just want her back x 😩

June 30 2017

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need this sticker now more than ever

im back from poland and ive never wanted to die more but at least my stickers from redbubble came in

we’re boarding in like 5min and im gonna kms i Do not want to leave

June 25 2017

we visited treblinka today. i think we ran out of time so we didn’t go on a shtetl tour

June 24 2017

went on a tour of warsaw, the polni jewish history museum, & visited the warsaw old town. i am.. Dying

June 23 2017

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im so fuckin tired

im in germany!!!!

June 22 2017

leaving for poland today aaaAA

ive had cheesy on my peeny stuck in my head for hours

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